Early College On-site

Earn discounted college credits through your high school!

On-site Early College courses are college courses offered to high school students through a partnership between Northwestern and the high school you attend. Northwestern partners with a variety of private high schools to provide Early College courses in high school classrooms. All of the On-site Early College instructors are hired as adjunct faculty by Northwestern and are paid directly by

On-site Early College qualifications

  1. High school GPA of at least 2.75 
  2. Meeting one of our standardized testing requirements:
    • ACT, PLAN, or PreACT score of at least 18
    • Aspire score of at least 427
    • SAT or PSAT of at least 940 
    • For any other standardized tests, students must rank in at least the top 50%. Contact admissions for other accepted tests.

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