Early College Online

Earn discounted college credits in a flexible, online format. 

Northwestern is the largest provider of online dual enrollment courses among private colleges and universities in the state of Minnesota. We offer over 80 online Early College courses in semester-long formats including at-your-own-pace learning and collaboratively-based learning. Students are guided through their classes using a variety of textbooks, multimedia presentations, discussion forums and other digital tools by helpful and engaging professors

Early College Online qualifications

  1. High school GPA of at least 2.75 
  2. Meeting one of our standardized testing requirements:
    • ACT, PLAN, or PreACT score of at least 18
    • Aspire score of at least 427
    • SAT or PSAT of at least 940 
    • For any other standardized tests, students must rank in at least the top 50%. Contact admissions for other accepted tests.

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