Early College On-campus textbooks

When will I know what textbooks I need?

Students will be able to access what textbooks they will need at the time of class registration. 

How do I get my textbooks?

While Northwestern tries to use online and open educational resources when possible, most courses have hard copy course materials. Early College Online students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks for each course.

Where can I buy my textbooks?

Textbooks can be ordered through UNW’s campus store or through alternative means (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). 

The Campus Store sells textbooks to our students at the lowest possible price, with a mark-up reflecting only the minimum margin necessary to cover operational costs. The Campus Store also is committed to providing as many used textbooks as are available. 

Textbooks from UNW’s campus store are priced and available for sale at the beginning of each semester. Students may purchase textbooks online to be picked up the week that classes begin.

Does it matter what version I buy? 

You should purchase the required version of the textbook as indicated for each course. Purchasing a different version than stated by your professor may make assignments and reading a little more difficult.

May I write or highlight in my textbooks?

It is up to you. Some students choose to re-sell their textbooks. If you choose to re-sell your textbook, please note that writing or highlighting can devalue the book.